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On Cue 2012

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Hats off to Tony Tjan, Tony Pino, Richard Harrington, and the rest of the Cue Ball team for an amazing On Cue 2012.  On Cue is “a private salon gathering of leading thinkers, creators, business and cultural luminaries – coming together for one day of shared conversation and connectivity.”  It reminded me very much of a TEDx conference, except more mingling, cooler entertainment, and shorter & fewer talks.  There were a little less than 300 people at the event held at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston, and the Aston Martin, Fisker Karma, Lamborghini, and other exotic cars parked outside as we walked in was quite the entrance. 

Here are my highlights:

– Listening to Michael Bronner unveil his new company Unreal, which aims to start a health revolution through junk food

– Watching mentalist Gerard Senehi perform his amazing tricks, including bending a metal fork in my hand without touching it, with the CEO of NPR on my right and former CEO of Ticketmaster on my left! 

– Hanging out with Elliott and Jeff from Summit Series, Nico and Fabian from Sandbox, Stephanie from Her Campus, my brother Sujay, and many more.

My only qualm was that the event was too short.  There were so many amazing people there – like the President of MSNBC, the founders of ZipCar and Palantir, and the former President of Ann Taylor – but I didn’t get to meet even 10% of the attendees given that we only had ~8 hours together, with only ~3 hours for real mingling. However, you know it’s a good event when the only problem was that it was too short!

Very much looking forward to next year’s event as this was one of the best events I’ve been to all year.  


Written by sheeltyle

June 22, 2012 at 7:07 am