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Bessemer, BharatMatrimony, and 9:44 AM

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I’m excited to announce Bessemer’s investment in Consim, the holding company of two tremendous assets: (India’s leading match making site) and (India’s leading property listing site).  98% of Indians get married and one’s son or daughter’s wedding is often the biggest expenditure of a household, even more than the house itself, and BharatMatrimony is helping facilitate these marriages both online and through offline centers.   Property values are booming and the real estate market is moving from being fragmented to more centralized, a trend that IndiaProperties is leading.  We’re very much looking forward to working with the whole team led by someone who we think is one of the best entrepreneurs–and grinders–we’ve seen: Murugavel (Muruga) Janakiraman.

I could give a number of anecdotes about Muruga, but I’ll give one which should show the type of leader he is and why we’re so thrilled to back him.  Every morning (note: every morning, rather than only every Monday morning like most companies), Muruga holds an executive team meeting where all the key managers of Consim get together to chat about the previous day’s accomplishments, the current day’s goals, the various challenges that may have arisen, and any progressive topics that may require a collective brainstorm.  The meeting isn’t meant to be a full-on brainstorming session – after all, it only really is a 15 minute update meeting – but it sets the tone and makes sure everyone is on top of their game each and every day.  Culturally, it keeps the company sprinting to beat any competition in the space and set their targets higher and higher.

But perhaps the most impressive part of this whole ordeal is the time the meeting starts.  It’s the same every day and, if you’re one minute late, you can’t enter until the next day.

9:44 AM

Love it.


Written by sheeltyle

October 14, 2011 at 2:00 am

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